Flight Application



This application aims to let users know about flight information at anytime, anyplace. It targets passengers to display arrival and departure flight information. Also, the application has many features to help passengers to make their travels less stressful like:
- provide updated flight status automatically each 6 second.
- color flight’s status feature so each status has its own color.
- feature for users to remember car parking number by allow the user to take a picture for car park through built-in camera application and save it inside it & on mobile memory.
-provide overall airport maps and reminder feature.

This application submitted as a graduation project to college of Computer Sciences and Information at PNU-KSA,Riyadh. In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences.

- Supervised by: Dr. Saad Subair
- Group members : Nora Al-Mansour (leader), Wafa Al-Jumaiah, Haifa Al-Orifi, Assma Al-Qotami & Nawal Al-Anzy.

* Requirement:
Mobile has Internet connection; to retrieve all flight information from the server.

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