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    FluidCalc is designed for Veterinary Professionals (Vets, Nurses, and Techs) to calculate fluid rates for infusion. It provides quick, easy to use information for the experienced veterinary professional who just wants to know what to set the fluid line at, whilst providing key information for the newer veterinary professionals about how to calculate fluid rates.
    Key Features
    ★ SIMPLE AND FAST CALCULATION: For those vets or nurses who just want the fluid rate fast
    ★ ADVANCED MODE CALCULATION: Incorporate fluid loss, ongoing losses and dehydration for a more accurate fluid rate
    ★ REMINDERS- Get notified when a fluid bag needs changing! Very handy for a busy surgery
    ★ ADVANCED MAINTENANCE - Different 24 hour rates depending on patient size

    The free version of Fluidcalc contains all the features of the Paid Version but is ad supported. Support development of this application by
    • Buying the Donation Version and get new features earlier! Donation version gets new updates 2 weeks before the free version. (
    • Suggesting Features
    • Join the Beta Testing Group (

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