Forensic Chemistry Virtual Crime Scene simulates the processing of a basic crime scene. From the initial stages of forensic documentation and presenting initial interviews, the students then move around a crime scene laid out by the convening academic.

Students scan samples via QR codes laid around the scene and using electronic manuals they determine how to collect the samples correctly. Once completed, they check to see if samples are correctly collected and if not, they will need to recollect samples. Unlike the real world where samples would be potentially destroyed or lost, students repeat the process until they are successful. Of course we don't want to create

an endless cycle, so after 3 incorrect attempts a tip sheet appears so students can quickly identify where they have gone wrong.

Twenty-four hours after the submission of their samples, additional information regarding coroners' reports, witness and suspect statements is released to the students. From this point students are given physical samples to process in labs and then write reports in group wikis. These reports are shared amongst the other participants in the course and together with the information in the application students must write forensic justifications as to why they believe a particular suspect is guilty. While the apps main focus is on the initial stages of the course, it sets a scene that is played out throughout the semester.

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