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    The all new 'Forgot the Formula' calculator was designed as the perfect homework supplement for high school and college students. Fully functional with 21 equations from Newtonian Mechanics, 'Forgot the Formula' is the most user-friendly and educational tool available. In contrast to physics calculators currently available which force (no pun intended) the user to know exactly which facet and equations they are studying, 'Forgot the Formula' has an easy to use interface in which the correct equation(s) needed to solve the question will be selected by the program. After all given variables have been entered, 'Forgot the Formula' will present the user with a clear list of equations used followed by the variable(s) solved for, and ultimately the answer. Fully capable of solving single step or multi-step equations, units are included at each step. The user is provided with a thorough display of how to arrive at the correct answer.

    Features for electricity & magnetism, fluid mechanics,and thermodynamics coming soon!

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