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GeoS Camera Lite app is a powerful camera and reporting tool designed to create and preview GeoPhoto - i.e. photos for with additional information: geographic coordinates, time of taking a picture, camera orientation at the moment of taking a picture, comments and data about your device. Using this information you can share your photos of an object or a place with your friends, colleagues or employees, as well as determine location of the photographed objects and estimate distance to them.

App allows to create reports in PDF, which in a convenient graphical interface presents all information about photos.


• Everyday life: make a GeoPhoto of an object of interest to remember when and where the photo was taken and what the photo is depicting.
• Travel: send GeoPhoto to your friends to let them know where exactly you are and what surrounds you.
• Business: send a GeoReport for a real property of interest to your client to provide the necessary information in full detail.


○ Snap photos to geographic location (geotagging, georeference). App enables you to assign coordinates of location photo, so you can view the photo on the map.
○ Camera mode is optimized for creating GeoPhoto. Location and orientation of the device at the time of shooting are displayed on the map.
○ Using GPS, WiFi, mobile communications for location determination.
○ Ability to filter GeoPhotos by time and region. Auto distribution GeoPhotos on projects when shooting.
○ Google maps
○ Improving data on the location and direction of the shooting.
○ Adding a text comment to GeoPhoto.
○ GeoPhotos map (photos on the map) - to view selected photos on the map.
○ Sorting GeoPhotos in gallery and creation of selections.
○ Filtering GeoPhotos by time and region.
○ Creating GeoReport (pdf-file) - a document with visual representation information on the shooting location and orientation of the camera at the shooting moment GeoPhoto.
○ Creating a custom logo for GeoReport.
○ Quick sending GeoPhotos and GeoReports to priority addressees.
○ Selecting the working folder location: internal memory or removable memory cards.
○ Modeling of objects on a two-dimensional plane, georeference of objects for use on maps.


! Not supported connections you created in version 1.00

! Use GeoS Converter to converting photos from format of GeoCam app to format of GeoS Camera app:

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