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Unlimited Instagram likes for free

Get Likes for Instagram lets you get more likes on your Instagram photos and videos for free.
This is the easiest way to get more exposure for your Instagram photos. Simply like photos on Instagram from other Get Likes user to earn coins. Once you have coins you can spend them to get likes on the photos you choose. (2 coins = 1 like).

- Simple, free and lightweight.
- Gets you more likes on your Instagram photos and videos than any other app.
How does it work?
When you order likes on one of your photos it is displayed to other Get Likes on Instagram users until it has received the desired number of likes. This is simply the easiest way to become popular and getting many likes and followers on Instagram. Many users have reported back that they have been able to easily hit the popular page on Instagram using our app.

* We recommend not liking more than 20 photos per hour. If you like photos too fast you will get temporarily blocked from liking photos on Instagram.
* Get Likes for Instagram will never like a photo for you without your consent.


* First use (50 coins)
* Come every hour (10 coins)
* Like others photo (1 coins per like)
* Complete video ads (5 coins per video)
* Complete offers (Unlimited coins)
* Rate app (25 coins)
* Developers bonus coins (Unlimited - Don't miss them)


Developer may give you bonus coins for you get more likes on Instagram . For the get bonus coins you must use app frequently .


Private Instagram Accounts can login and get coins in app but cant spend own coins until they cange account to public . When you change your account private to public you can get real Instagram likes via this app. App keeps your coins until you use it


App notifys you when your image or video is liked . You can see which image or video is liked via this app and also see how many likes received . Notification is not only for show like status . Also you can instantly notify when you get ad coins or bonus coins

Happy free likes ;)

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