GokuTomo N5 (Trial)



A useful tool for English learners of Japanese, GokuTomo helps you learn kana and over 20,000 kanji and vocabulary.
Whether you're practising for the JLPT (Japanese language proficiency test) or just want to learn Japanese for fun GokuTomo can really aid in building your vocabulary and get you reading.
You can study 1 to 1000 flashcards at a time, ticking off the words as you learn. You can then test yourself by taking a multiple choice quiz and see how many you can get. GokuTomo keeps track of your progress so the less confident you are with certain words the more likely they'll come up.

GokuTomo contains a unique list of the top 10,000 words used in the Japanese Wikipedia. This covers over 90% of the entire site so once you finish this list you can be confident in your ability to read in Japan. Four different translations are provided: Google, Bing, Promt and JTalk so you get both short and simple as well as long and detailed translations.

► Simple and clean layout
► Hiragana and katakana chart
► 2,000 JLPT kanji, includes all from N1 to N5
► 8,000 JLPT vocabulary, also includes all from N1 to N5
► Unique 10,000 word vocabulary list which covers over 90% of the Japanese Wikipedia, translated by four different translators
► Romaji (transliteration) as well as kana
► The ability to copy the content to your clipboard to use elsewhere
► Quizzes to help you keep track of your progress
► Completely offline

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