GpsDomotik allows you to send events to your home automation box (via HTTP request) related to the GPS position of your smartphone and this with very good accuracy and ultra-low battery consumption.

Events available in this version are:
- Arrive at home.
- Out of the house.
- Distance home-smartphone level 1.
- Distance home-smartphone level 2.

This application optimizes GPS accuracy depending on the distance to limit the consumption of resources (battery, 3G/4G connection), more the smartphone is close to home, more the GPS position is updated and therefore accurate.

With the new ultra-efficient mode (active by options "Detecting loss wifi network" and "passive GPS Position") events of arrival and departure can be managed closer to home, with great precision, and this, without excessive battery consumption.

If the functions are disabled, the application no longer seeks the GPS (eg prolonged out of home), the settings are stored, simply turn them on when back home.

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A notification on the smartphone is also available for events "Leaving Home" and "Coming Home", you could then adjust the trigger distance of the event (the distance to the departure is the arrival distance plus 100 m).

The "level distance" function will allow you to further customize other events you need. There is the ability to program two independent levels.

There is a button to initialize the GPS position of the home without having to enter values ​​for the longitude and latitude.
This initialization position button is valid only if the GPS is activated and when the position accuracy of less than 20m.

The test buttons are used to validate the links configured (button turns green if it is functional, if not red).

Samples link :

And to use the level distance, put the $DIST$ string in the query that will be replaced by the value of the current distance:$DIST$

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