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With this application you can tune your electric or acoustic guitar very easily, useful for both novices and experts .

Features .
- You can select various types of tuning for your guitar
- Play guitar note constantly .
- Play all notes of guitar tuning.

Tuning types present in the application :

1-Standard-EADGBE standard tuning used by most guitarists.

2-Drop D-DADGBE used by for some blues guitarists like Robert Johnson

3-Drop C-CGCFAD With this tuning very thick bass tones are achieved. some bands that have used this tuning are System of a Down, Deftones, Mastodon, Rammstein.

4-Open D-DADDF#AD Open D tuning is an open tuning for the acoustic or electric guitar. It form a D major chord.

5-Open G-DGDGBD Open G tuning is an open tuning for the acoustic or electric guitar. It form a G major chord. Keith Richards has used this in start me up or honkytonk women . Other artists who have used the open G tuning are: Joni Mitchel , The Black Crowes , Ace Frehley, Robert Johnson, Silvio Rodriguez.

6-Open C-CGCGCE is an open tuning for guitar, the open-string notes form a C major chord. This is a favorite tunings Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin for their acoustic songs

7-Open E-EBEG#BE

8-Open Dsus2-DADGAD

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