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    Hack into wifi
    Do you want to hack into wifi? You want to use a free internet and break wi-fi password? You want to show your friends that you are a real hacker?
    We cannot help you with wifi hacking, but we can help you with making a joke for your friends! You can tell them that you are a real hacker and you are able to break into wi-fi network. They will not believe you. So show them this fake wifi hacker!

    "Hack into wifi" is a free tool which looks like a real hacking tool! It was designed to look like a hacker programme. But in fact it is only joke app! You can prank friends!

    How to use hack into wifi?
    1. Scan for available wi-fi networks
    2. Select which one you want pretend to hack
    3. Wait while app will simulate hacking. Your friends will think that you really hacked into network! You can show them random and fake password!

    Main features:
    - professional look
    - looks like real wifi hacker
    - fast and easy to use
    - free!

    You can use this app to prank your friends! Make a joke and pretend that you are real hacker!
    download hack into wifi for free!

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