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HalalMinds will solve the problem of Muslim society in living and traveling when they stay in countries which low Muslim population. Most of Muslim populations will follow the halal rule well. However, when they life in minority countries, for example, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, Thailand, Philippine, Europe and America's continent countries and others huge countries, they will have the problem with food, cosmetic and medicine. And this makes un-comfort living. And HalalMinds application solves this problem by giving halal information about food, cosmetic and medicine.

What is Halal? Halal is one of the rules in Islam, and it should be followed by Islam's people (Muslim). For example, most of the food and drinks are considered Halal, unless they are clearly stated as forbidden in the Qur’an (holy book of Islam) and hadith (prophetic traditions). Some non-Halal items include pork, lard, alcoholic beverages and poisonous plants, including its derivative. ‘Halal certification’ is an award of endorsement by an Islamic body verifying that a product is suitable for Muslims.

New features of HalalMinds
Halal travel: To find the halal hotel with the unique rating system
Scan food, medicine, cosmetic using barcode
Scan food based e-number in Europe countries.
Qibla direction: To find direction of pray
Find the halal restaurant in the world
Halal market: to sell halal products
Quran database: Holy book for Muslim in 14 languages
Hadiths database: Prophet quotes

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