Happy Store (BETA)



Welcome to HappyStore (Beta) for Android.

Happy store helps you keep track of your happy moments. You can think of it as a positive emotions only diary. Whenever you are feeling happy, save it using the app and Whenever you are feeling down, you can shake the phone and relive a happier moment in your life. It's a simple way of reminding yourself every day of the good that came out of your day, even if the day has been a challenge.

Keep the good things that happened to you using HappyStore.
- Accomplished goals
- LOL moments
- Memories worth saving

It's the simplest way to keep your happy moments at your fingertips. Shake the phone to randomly select a previous happy moment of your life which you have stored using HappyStore. It also gives you random motivational quotes so that you can stay motivated throughout the day!.

Enjoy and Be Happy :)

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