Headline Watcher



** NEW! ** Do you want to get breaking news delivered directly to you as fast as possible? Then this app is for you! Get immersed in the informational power of Twitter and get "real-time" super-fresh breaking headlines on your home screen in our super-slick widget. Whether you're new to Twitter or not you can be receiving tweets - from top news, financial markets and science sources - in seconds.
• HeadlineWatcher shows you tweets from collections of top global sources bringing you balanced top, recent and breaking headlines and stories of interest
• Don't miss out! Get connected and stay informed with an amazing flow of real-time Twitter info


* resizeable widget and configuration app
* innovative widget UI
* multiple widgets allowed with each displaying a chosen list
* choose font size and style, per widget
* choose an auto-update interval for each list
* filter news sources
* supports Twitter images and links
* tap a tweet and choose: show in Twitter app, show in browser, show url link or picture
* force a refresh whenever you want - no restrictions
* in-app link to tell-us-about any changes you'd like, for instance additional news sources and feature requests
* available list types updated via cloud
* optional in-app purchase allows more options including faster auto-refresh intervals

** uses Twitter lists to provide content
** you can use your existing Twitter account or create a new account safely via Twitter directly from the app
** HeadlineWatcher only uses your Twitter account to subscribe to the required Twitter lists and then retrieve Tweets and list members
** to get started: drag a new Headline Watcher widget to your homescreen and just follow the instructions to start receiving tweets