Heart Live




Animated heart live ( HD ) beautiful dancing strong bright colourful lights,experiences the glamorous photo and use it as surprise gift. Start taking photos share with friends,make it uniquely your's.App play music,take lovely photo,get image (picture) from gallery by magic touch automatically set image makes it easy and hassle free.
Magic touch function :-
Launch camera
Save button transfer image to background and gallery automatically
Launch gallery image and photos
Pick image transfer image and previous save photos automatically
Screen play music and or replay music
Share with your friends just sent photos,friends to install the same app use gallery one touch function to auto set photo to enjoy the same.
Suitable to creat your own,best model frame ,live photo frame,baby frame live, kids live photo frame,valentine live love frame as surprise gift including mother's day,father's day ,wedding day,anniversary gift,birthday gift,dating surprises and also grand parents love morden music box.
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