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Quickly scan your device for Heartbleed vulnerabilities

  • If it works, perhaps it can let you rest a little easier
  • Does it actually work? No way of knowing
  • Won't help if you do have a problem

"Be still my bleeding heart"

Worried about the vulnerabilities in OpenSSL programming? Mightn't some evildoer infiltrate your device through these little bitty security loopholes? CM Security Heartbleed Scanner lets you gain some peace of mind by scanning your entire device with the push of one big blue button. If you're vulnerability free, you'll be rewarded with a screen full of happiness (a.k.a. text declaring you safe from Heartbleed).

Of course, if you actually happen to have Heartbleed problems, this app can't do anything at all for you other than let you know. Also, given how quickly it "scanned" my device, I have my doubts as to whether it does anything at all.

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Jun 25, 2014

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