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hellobali Guide to Bali app is the multimedia version of Bali's premier 19-year-old lifestyle magazine known as hellobali magazine.

For example, within just a few simple touches, the hellobali app can find you not just the best, but the most perfect restaurant for specific needs instantly. And unlike in the magazine where you can only read and check out the restaurant’s photos, the app can show you a video promotion of the restaurant. Looking for a happy hour? The hellobali app will be full of bars with such promotions. Not sure where it is located? The app can be your guide and can take you there. Want to make sure the bar is not too full or too empty? Only one touch is needed to connect you with someone at the bar via your phone.
Wondering where everyone else is going to this evening? The app has an Events section that lists all of the events taking place in Bali on the day. Not sure what outfit to wear? The app can direct you to the perfect shop that sells your new favourite dress at a discounted price. Even when you’re not in Bali and planning a holiday in Bali, you can use the app to check out hotels and villas in Bali and compare their promotional rates with each other.

With the hellobali app, your holiday in Bali will never be the same again.

Sections and Features

1. Food: A list of restaurants in Bali categorised by cuisine type, area and popularity.
2. Bars: From pubs, beach bars to jazz lounge and nightclubs.
3. Accommodation: Hotels, villas, bed and breakfast, etc.
4. Wellness: Spas, yoga barns, gyms and beauty centres.
5. Beaches: Your source to the best and most secretive sands and waves on the island.
6. Kids: List of children-friendly places and activities.
7. Attractions: Theme parks, dances, shows, cooking classes, etc.
8. Shops: From men’s and women’s fashion stores, to sports and accessories.
9. Museums: List of almost all of the museums in Bali that are open for the public.
10. Adventures: Water sports, biking, hiking, dive centres, cruises, golf and even surfing schools.
11. Temples: List of all of the temples in Bali that you can visit.
12. Romance: Wedding venues, honeymoon packages, wedding organisers, wedding photography and much more.
13. Galleries: List of the best places to buy art.
14. Furniture: Homewares, decoration pieces, from classical to modern, from wood to glass.
15. Events: List of all of the events taking place on the island:
16. Promos: All of the promotions from all of the 15 sections above combined into one.

Users can:
1. Get listing of restaurants, hotels, bars, spas, beaches, temples etc.
2. Get direction to places they want to go to.
3. Call directly to the hotels, spas, etc to make inquiry or reservations.
4. Seeing more info of the venues through a link to their websites.
5. See restaurant photos and video.
6. See which places offer promos for children and equipped with activities for children.
7. Put the places they like to their favourite folder.
8. Share and publish their very own reviews of the places they’ve visited.
9. Share the places they like with their friends through Email, Facebook, Twitter and text messages.
10. Follow their friends and have their own followers too, hence share their Favourites and Reviews with each other.

For more information, please visit www.hellobaliapps.com or www.hellobalimagazine.com

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