Help4U! is the APP version of our Bi-lingual (English & Spanish) software for PC of the same name. It has various HELPS for persons of all ages whenever they need some guidance in their lives. Issues directly addressed are: Marriage, Family, Academics & Financial. There is a link to professional help via and a few other links to cognitive mentoring instruction & psychotherapy.

How to use: Click on the resources, explore solutions. Contact us for more help. The counseling link is a "Service for Fee". If you cannot afford it - still contact us - we will help REGARDLESS 4 FREE!

The app & software versions were created by The Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado: authorized in New York State and recognized in the State of Florida as a Christian Counselor. He is the Senior Pastor of TSPCI.ORG (The Sheepfold Pentecostal Church, Inc.) Links to the organization and more of its resources are available via the app. The app will always be updated with the latest helps and contact info