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    A must have app to be secure.

    1. This android application provides immediate response to anyone in times of emergency. Once a needy person alerts the HelpMe App in a panic situation using the OneTap facility of this application, HelpMe immediately searches the location of the user and sends SMS alerts to pre-selected 3 contacts from the user's phone book.

    People can activate Alert using application features like:

    1. Mobile Shaking - User needs to shake mobile for twice within 10 seconds
    2. OneTap Alert Button - Emergency Alert button at the start page of the application is provided to Alert helpers.

    B. User registration is mandatory to use application features.

    C. User Need to verify his/her mobile number and email id for completion of registration.

    D. Once a needy citizen presses Alert button or shake mobile twice, HelpMe App immediately searches the user location and informs to the contacts added during the registration.

    E. It will also start the camera which can be use to create any evidence that can be use as a Media Proof.

    F. This Evidence Video also gets uploaded to the server which will be safe to collect later by contacting HelpMe support Team.

    G. The victim does not even require to wait for someone to pick up the phone nor does requires to speak with anyone. Through this one step solution system our aim is to reduce the response time during emergencies.

    H. HelpMe sends automatic S.M.S. alerts to contacts added during registration.

    I. HelpMe calls automatically to first helper added in Helper section.

    J. In case, there is no data connectivity available in the user's phone, the application still record video evidence and sends SMS to helper. Data Connectivity is required for this application but if it works with no data connectivity as well.

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