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This application will be explained in tips about the manner of hijab properly and look fashionable so that it looks beautiful, not only that, in this application are also given tips about health, career, family, educating children, and Islam.

Hijab (Arabic: حجاب hijab) is an Arabic word which means barrier. In some Arabic-speaking countries as well as Western countries, the word "hijab" more often refers to the veil used by Muslim women. But in Islamic scholarship, hijab is more appropriate to refer to the appropriate dressing procedures in accordance with the guidance of religion.

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According to Muhammad Nasir Al-Albany criteria veil is right let cover the entire body, except the face and the palms, the veil is not an ornament, not thin, the material is not transparent, not tight to reveal body shape, not sprayed with perfume, does not resemble the clothing of men or women clothing infidels and not the clothes themselves to seek popularity.

VEIL (Arabic: جلباب) is a long canal Muslim clothing covering the entire body except the hands, feet and face are commonly worn by Muslim women. The use of this type of clothing associated with the guidance of Islamic law to use clothes that cover the genitalia or known as hijab. While the veil itself in the Qur'an referred to as khumur, as contained in the letter An Nuur paragraph 31
In 1983 the debate about the use of "veil" at school between the Minister of Education and Culture Noegroho Notosoesanto which then responded by MUI, still use the word veil. Noegroho states that students who for some reason feel the need to wear a veil, the government will help him move into school uniform wearing a veil. The previous Minister of Education and Culture also held a special meeting with the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) and confirms that the uniform should be the same for everyone berkaiatan with the rules, because if not the same means it is not uniform.

In Indonesia the Indonesian General Dictionary published by Balai Pustaka mold 7th 1984 no entry word hijab, entry used a word that has not been popular in Indonesia (at that time) of "hijab" which refers to the cloth covering genitalia for Muslim women.

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