How To Find Location Of A Cell



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Find a Lost Cell Phone

1. Checking Nearby :-

Use a friend's cell phone or a landline to dial your phone. If your phone is nearby, you'll hear it and can retrieve it. Alternatively, perhaps someone will answer it and can tell you where it is.

* If you can't get your hands on another phone, try calling from your computer using a program like Gmail or Skype.

* This method will likely not work if your phone is set to silent, or the battery is dead.

2. Look around :-

If you think you've just misplaced it, do a quick search in nearby obvious areas.

* If you're the sort to have piles of paper, look under them! Slim cell phones can easily slip under paper piles.

* Check the back of wherever you've been sitting that day. Any seat that allows for swallowing of objects is a potential finding spot.