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Humana Pharmacy members can now be reminded when their prescriptions are running low or almost out. Alerts will display in the following views:

• “Notification” box
• “My prescriptions” section

They can also use the links to see their “My prescriptions” refill details.

Members can also scan their prescription labels – using a smartphone camera – and send the image to Humana Pharmacy. When they do, they’ll quickly be able to:

• Refill a prescription
• Switch a prescription to Humana Pharmacy (up to 4 prescriptions can be switched)
• Watch videos for more information about their prescription medications

Humana Pharmacy now offers a high price alert for any medication that members order on their smartphones. The alert sets a price limit on each medication order. When a copay is over the member’s price limit, Humana Pharmacy will call the member to get his or her approval. Members can choose any amount between $30 and $999 and can change the price limit at any time.

NOTE: Humana Pharmacy will automatically call members for all orders more than $250, unless this feature is turned off.

Now members can track the progress of their medication shipments. Simply go to the Humana Pharmacy mobile app’s “Order details” view and tap “Track your shipment.”

Also, to make it even easier for members to use their Humana Pharmacy app, the dashboard has been improved. It now shows:

• “My prescriptions” – for refills, switching prescriptions and watching medication videos
• “Shop products” – for members who have the Health & Wellness benefit
• “Earn” – to earn badges for healthy habits

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