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IN 5 is the top productivity focused web browser on the Play Store.

★★★Selected Indie App of the Day by Android Authority - "Helpful for those who know they lack the self control"★★★
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IN 5 Productivity Tool is a simple, timed browser that's just what you need to be more productive, getting you back to work in 5 minutes - great for productivity!
Add IN 5 Productivity Tool to your productivity suite today and fight procrastination!

If you have ever been in a situation where you've thought "I'll just quickly read the comments/article/web page" whilst doing something else - this is the perfect browser app for you.

Stats are provided to you after your session and you can share your results on social media.
After 5 minutes the session history and cache will be purged and you will be left with the message "GG. Back to work" with no ability to simply go back to the page or check your history or favorites to bring it back like a typical browser. It really is a great productivity app and more importantly a productivity tracker app.

When you open a link in a browser, select IN 5 Productivity Tool for these types of situations to fight procrastination with the top productivity browser app.

IN 5 is not a browser replacement like firefox, dolphin, next, opera or chrome browser but it will give you some perspective on how long you can get stuck on web pages and improve your productivity as it is a timed browser session.

It is simple, clean and effective with a built in timer. Although it kills your session and wipes your history, it is not intended to be a browser for blocked sites, rather a productivity tool.


Share your stats by messaging your friends in your favorite messenger app your productivity results. Nothing helps your productivity like communication does. Message your friends and fight procrastination today.

When looking for productivity software, look no further than IN 5 Productivity Tool.
Even if you are looking for business productivity, IN 5 Browser will keep you on track with its built in timer.

For more information go to
For support email at sariodevsupport[at]andrewsario[dot]com

Disclaimer: IN 5 Productivity Tool is a timed browser for Android, it's not designed to be a browser for blocked sites. It will remove your history and cache.

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