Internet speed booster for free
Do you want to get faster internet? Do you want to download faster?
Do you want to get internet as fast as LTE? Do you want to have better pings? Do you want to use real internet booster?
Internet booster is an app which can improve and speed up your internet speed. To use internet booster usually you need to root the device. Such booster can set your MTU, DNS and boost internet speed.

But if you don't have device with "root" you can install this app! It's free and it looks like a real internet booster! It will not speed up your internet, but you can use it to show your friends that you are a real hacker! Tell your friends that you can improve connection speed. Tell them that you can boost internet speed. Than show them our "Internet speed booster". They will think that you really can increase internet speed!

How to use Internet speed booster?
1. Click BOOST button
2. Show your friends how you improve internet connection.

Of course this app shows fake internet speed! It only looks like a real booster. It's only for entertainment!

Download Internet speed booster for free!

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