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- Today when go shopping, you will see the product you like, but summary information on the product is a little and you wonder if this real or fake product, good to use? Are the price infected? Is it really useful as advertisement?
- Applications Check Price aboard your Smartphone will provide accurate information by the manufacturer of that product for you reference, prices on the market together with the sale and assessment of consumers quickly.
User Manual:
The application is used throught smartphone. There is a simple action: you take pictures of barcodes (Scan bardcode) or read bar codes on products available to your phone (voice recognition). You will have the right information about the product to decide to buy or not this product by the way with smart and sophisticated.

Applications include the main features:
- Barcode scanning - Use your phone's camera to scan the barcode of the product.
- Search by product name.
- Search by voice.
- Location - location nearest you go shopping and navigation assistance with google maps.
- Search History.
- Cart - Add product to cart for easy shopping list for yourself.

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