Japanese Word Listening! 20000



• Let's learn a lot ofs Japanese words in your small amount of spare time!
• Study in your spare time
• Your favorite photo pronounces questions
• 4 choice questions (Standard)
• Wordbook exam mode
• Verify exam mode
• Learn at your level
• Achievement at a glance
• Editable dictionary
• Web dictionary

[About the app]
This app series and LINK-NEXT are the offical action pertner of Tokyo Brand "&Tokyo".

Let's learn Japanese word in your spare time!

Supporting massibe number of words (1000 - 20000)
This app series has the following versions:

- For reading - English/Japanese Touch
- For listening - English/Japanese Listening Touch
- With gaming - English/Japanese Fight

Each has both Free and advanced Paid version.

Just answer 4-choice question

Remembering words just like a game.

Send remembered word to the done list by swipe

Words you want to remember, just click 'wordbook' button

Listening Touch is Powered by iSpeech®

[Not easy to remember words?]

Try 'Associative memory' method

After each test session end,

- Open 'imange and picture' regarding words
- Reffer sentences and different meaning of the words
- Listen pronunciation of the words

Your long-lasting memory works when a word is linked with others.

Just give it a try!

[Benefit of paid version]
- No advertizements at all
- Able to use in off-line (exclude some functions)
- Load your learning data from our sister apps
- One click assort function to send words to done list or wordbook

[Continuously improve with customer Reviews]
- Able to train even during TV CM pause Useful just doing during spare time.
Aim is complete 5000 words in this year! By tz_pharm
- Four choice Q/A. Level it up by answering for a short time.
Able to play like a game and actualize a situation to glance words everyday when you start the app.
- Never get tired of it because the difficulty of words are well mixed! By majiroo
- Improved operations to study smoothly! The operation after answer was changed on the previous update.
Now you can go to next question by pressing [NEXT] and also you can choose auto mode.
(This is what I wanted) Thank you! By Nuru
- Remember word like a game Able to remember words like a game and confirm words I do not know are able to collect on wordbook.
Association with Web dictionary is useful. By Kumamon
- Useful Very useful and handy to remember words on the train everyday. By power for tomorrow

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