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In 1995, Lord Jesus Christ took me from a traditional Christian family and anointed me with his holy Sprit to serve his people. Early days of my salvation I was working as a part time minister along with my pastor. Preached gospel to many villages, cities confirming lord’s word through the accompanying sings. Hundreds of peoples were delivered from the demonic activities, sins, bondages, curses and they accepted Jesus Christ Savior and were added to churches day by day. Many churches were established through this ministry.As per will of God 1 May 2000, Jesus heals mission was established.

God’s vision for the Jesus Heals Mission trust

Preaching the gospel to the world.
Build the international divine deliverance center.
Planting the churches in unreachable areas.
Support missionaries and their ministries.
Establish the bible college to teach theology properly.
Build medical mission hospital to serve the people.
Media and literature ministry to deliver the undelivered.
Conduct the seminars,camps,crusades,pastors conferences.
This ministry is being blessed by his grace, prayers and dedicated works.The year of 2006 Jesus Heals Mission has been registered as religious and Charitable trust in government of India. Apostolic Anointing Church was started in Coimbatore, Divine Deliverance Center started in Chennai ,Institute of Apostolos studies has trained many batches of students as warriors for Christ through the school of deliverance. God is mightily using me in many parts of India and also in few other countries. Through this ministry many ministers were been ordained, hundreds of people has been baptized and many thousands of people were delivered from the demonic activities, sins, curses.Glory to God.

Pastor .A. A. Amulraj .B.A,M.Min…

Jesus Heals Mission, India

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