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joyn by Telekom gives you amazing group chat and sharing experience on your mobile- share your favorite photos, videos or current location. And on top of that, you benefit from high quality video calling!

Chat with Friends * Share anything * Vibrant Video Calls

* No Hassle Registration - No Account Creation, No New Phone Number. joyn by Telekom uses your number as your account, so you don't need another account.

* Simply Chat with Anyone - Send a message anytime, anywhere you are. Even when your friends turned off their phones, joyn by Telekom will save the messages you send and deliver then after turning back on their phones.

* Never Lose a Message - When someone sends you messages and you're not available, joyn by Telekom will save those messages and deliver them to you the next time you open the app.

* Auto Friends Discovery - Friends already using joyn by Telekom are automatically found and added to your friends list.

* Invite your Friends - You can invite the friends in your mobile address book to use joyn by Telekom by opening the profile in the app and clicking "Invite".

* Share Pictures/Videos - Got a favorite picture or video you want to send to a friend? With joyn by Telekom, you can send full resolution pictures and videos, fast and free of charge. You can also take pictures and videos live and send them with joyn powered by Telekom.

* Share any File - Not only can you send pictures and videos, but you can also share ANY type of file (PDF, power point, excel, word, PNG, JPG) to friends on Android and iPhone.

* Share your Location - Need to tell people where you're at, while you're on the go? Now you can. With joyn by Telekom, you can seamlessly pinpoint your current location, and press send to share it.

* Vibrant Video Calls - Make the highest quality video calls on mobile for free. Video calling isn't limited to just one device or to Wi-Fi only. It also works over 3G and 4G!

*Standard data charges may apply when using joyn by Telekom on your carrier network.
* joyn by Telekom is addressed to Telekom Mobile Communication users.

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