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Read Most Popular Kazakhstan Newspapers, Magazines and online news websites. Existing list covers 38 Newspapers and Magazines. The list can be extended easily by the user.

The following newspapers shows a part of default list :

- Ак Жайык
- Азаттық
- Деловая Неделя
- Экспресс К
- Литер
- Наша Газета
- Новое Поколение
- Центр Тяжести
- Today.kz
- Kazakhstan Zaman

Features :

* Search Newspaper Option : Desired newspaper can be found by searching.
* Add/Delete Newspaper Option : New newspaper can be added/deleted.
* Favorited Newspaper List Option : Registered newspapers can be enabled or disabled. If a newspaper is disabled, it will not be seen on the list. However, it can be enabled again.
* Refresh Option : Selected newspaper can be refreshed.
* Share Option : Selected newspaper can be shared on facebook, twitter, linkedin etc...
* Mobile or desktop mode : Newspaper can be read by choosing mobile or desktop mode.

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