LC-3 Simulator Alpha



This app allows you to write LC-3 assembly code and run it in a simple LC-3 simulator. Please note that this app is still in alpha stage so do not complain about force closes or unexpected errors. You are, however, highly encouraged to submit various bug reports and contact the developer with any questions you may have regarding the app.

* Write and assemble code within the app; any assembly errors are detailed.
* Load and save code files.
* Load already assembled object files and, if available, associated symbols.
* Save console output.
* Run or step through the code line-by-line.
* Run until a breakpoint is hit.

* All labels must end with a colon (':').
* Labels are case-insensitive.
* To send keys through the console, double tap it.
* To place a breakpoint, tap the desired line within the memory view.
* To set the PC, tap and hold the desired line within the memory view.

By installing and using this app you agree to the following:
* This app will be used for educational purposes only.
* The developer of this app shall not be held liable for any damage caused by this app.

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