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Lifesense Health APP Instruction

Lifesense Health is a smartphone version health status monitor software which is launched by Lifesense Medical Official.The user can use the Lifesense medical electronic products to measure his/her health data of weight, blood pressure ,etc. Lifesense medical electronic products will send the reading data to Lifesense Health APP software automatically. The software will display the user’s health status by the visual diagram, so the user can monitor his/her and family’s health status through the smartphone at any time any where.

Product Feature:

1. Professional health electronic product; Health monitoring,simple and convenient. 
Lifesense electronic body scale can measure your weight accurately. 
Lifesense body fat analyzer can measure your weight and body fat. 
Lifesense electronic blood pressure monitor can measure your blood pressure and heart rate.

2. Mutipule Choose of Transmission 
Lifesense health electronic products can transport the measuring data to the smartphone through the communication ways of Bluetooth connection and Internet etc.

3. Family Health Management 
Lifesense Health can manage a number of family members’ health information at the same time. 

4、Diagram Display 
Follow and monitor the health measuring data continuously,display the health status tendency clearly and directly.

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