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** This app requires that you install a Lightroom plug-in. Download the required plug-in from **

LrNectar is your live connection from your Android device to Adobe Lightroom on the desktop. LrNectar offers an Android based alternative to some of the features found in Lightroom mobile (iOS version coming soon). Please note that LrNectar is not an image editor.

Rank and rate your Lightroom photos on your mobile device (not available in this free read only version). No prior export from Lightroom is required, just install the plug-in, configure your phone or tablet and start enjoying your photos. No subscription required.

Currently LrNectar allows you to

- See all Lightroom collections and collection sets on your mobile device
- View images from Lightroom on your mobile device

The following features are only available in the full paid version of this app

- Set star ratings (**Not available in this free read only version**)
- Set color labels (**Not available in this free read only version**)
- Set the pick status (flag) (**Not available in this free read only version**)

Features on the road map for future versions may allow you to

- Modify collections
- Edit keywords
- Save images locally
- Import images the from local device into Lightroom
- Filter the grid view
- Display a slide-show
- Work in off-line mode
- Use Chromecast

Download the required plug-in from

For this app to work Adobe Lightroom v5.3 or higher must be running on the local network with the LrNectar plug-in enabled. LrNectar does not work with mobile data and must be connected to the same network as Lightroom via WiFi. At the moment only Lightroom running on Windows with .NET v4.5 is supported. Lightroom running on Mac is not currently supported. Only still images are supported, video files will display a one frame preview.

All feedback is welcomed. Please help to make this app better for you by sending your thoughts to

Any problems/comments/suggestions please email

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