Macro Viruses & Melissa Virus

Macro Viruses & Melissa Virus

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Macro Viruses and the Melissa virus

Microsoft thought it was doing it’s customers a favor by adding a programming language to Microsoft Word. In terms of customer service, it was a great idea, because it would allow users to automate and program within their documents. For example, when a document opened, it could be programmed to ask the user for details that must be entered into each document, like insurance policy numbers or phone numbers.

Microsoft didn’t count on this programming language ever being used to turn Word documents into virus infectors, but that’s exactly what happened.

The first Macro Virus was called the Concept virus. It was designed in 1995 simply to show that it was possible to write a virus in Word’s Macro language. Once it was proven, though, the idea took off. By 2004, nearly 75% of all viruses were macro viruses.

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