Mirage UPnP/DLNA Paid

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    Mirage UPnP/DLNAis a UPnP/DLNA protocol-based multi-screen interactive software that can scan all compatible DLNA / UPnP multimedia services (including other third-party software) and list all the music, videos and pictures available on the server. Users can choose to play the listed multimedia resources on your own device or by third-party software, which make Mirage UPnP/DLNA indispensable software for family entertainment, multi-screen interactive.
    This product has the following features:
    1. Supports photographs, audio and video files.
    2 Supports all UPnP/DLNA protocols (including: DMP, DMS, DMC, DMR), rolls player, server, control and render into one
    3 Support wifi and Ethernet
    4 Compatible to phone, pad, TV box,other Android deivces.