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The App are not directly played on the list, you are directed to the android market when clicking on 'install' button.

This app is unofficial app of any brand.

You can use Mobile Number Locator to find from which State or Telecom operator mobile number belongs to. This application will let you know the from which mobile operator call is originating along with the physical location which is cool. Are you getting frequent calls from an unknown number, then this mobile number tracker or mobile tracker will be helpful application for you.

Main Features: Caller information like area and mobile operator is displayed while incoming or making outgoing call.Full contact list along with call logs are displayed too. All important codes in your pocket now.If you like this application, you can share with your friends. You can call any numbers directly from this application. The mobile numbers which have been ported are not traceable by this application, they will not be accurate. You can track any mobile number from India, USA and Canada. Location displayed on map also. Full screen map on Google 3D maps. You can also search area / operator information by entering just 3 digits of phone number for USA and Canada and 4 digits for India numbers.

The mobile number locator in this app provides users with caller info i.e. caller location and provider info for all the numbers in your contact list and call logs. It also provides STD and ISD Country info. Mobile number checker works based on publicly available information about MSC Codes to find mobile number location and provider.

Mobile Number Locator shows the identity of caller on your android phone. Mobile Number Locator displays location of caller. After installing this application when someone is calling on your number it shows caller's network operator,state and city. For International call caller country is shown. Mobile Number Locator shows caller info of both telephone and mobile number.Using Mobile Number Locator you can look-up any mobile/telephone Number,STD code,ISD code and PIN.

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