Mofakera app to keep notes, memos, thoughts and every thing pass to your mind you want to keep it.
This app is easy to use and has alot of features:
1- It's easy to use , you don't need to study to use it.
2- you can write note and add comments on it.
3- Easy to add, Edit and delete anytime by long holding on what you want, menu with (share, edit , delete)options will popup.
4- seperate your notes into sections, easy to navigate between.
5- add alarms to your notes.
6 - Share any thought with other applications like twitter, facebook or any other apps support sharing on your device or send as sms or email.
7 - Mofakera app appear in sharing menu, so you can add any content to desire section of your Mofakera sections.

simply you can use Mofakera to keep any thing you want to remember : note, thought, todo, posts,etc...
Note: This app is free without any adds.

upcoming updates:
1- Sync data between devices.
2- Backup and restore.
3- Design for tablets.
4- Add Audio notes,video or image.

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