Android 4.5? Project Hera? Nope. It is officially time for a new look. Introducing, Moonshine.
Inspired by Googles new layout, we decided to make a full pack following these guidelines

With the previous leaks of an apparent redesign of the core Google apps, we decided to explore more into the new guidelines, and experiment with them! Long shadow, flat, and with a pop of color we are hoping to achieve these new guidelines in place.


*60 vector designed icon (Made in XXX-HDPI! 196x196)
*6 homemade wallpapers
*Supports Nova, Apex, ADW, Smart, Unicon, and Action Launcher!
*Updates weekly to Bi-Weekly!
*Icon Picker

Have an icon that isn't themed, and you want it included?

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We made this pack free for a reason; premium design doesn't always have to cost something! Donating is all up to you, our main concern is that this pack is available to as many people as possible! Enjoy the pack!

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