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MoreApp is the world's most popular forms app and is used by over a 1,000 companies worldwide to fill in mobile forms.

MoreApp is suitable for any company or organization that collects data on location. Replace your paper work order, inspection, survey, timesheet, report, and every other business form. Create your own forms using the online Form Builder. Your employees or clients can download the app on a tablet or smartphone and fill in the digital business forms on location.

MoreApp eliminates incomplete or incorrect completed forms. The data is secured, legible, and validated. This saves time and errors at the office.

It is simple:
+ easy for everyone to use
+ unnecessary and costly paper forms are history
+ design and manage the forms yourself
+ secure and automatic upload and download of data

Build your own app for:
+ work order
+ time tracking, hours worked, breaks, and mileage forms
+ inspection, audit, quality control
+ service and maintenance forms
+ survey form and review form
+ instruction form
+ test drive, lease contract, damage report, and rental car
+ delivery forms
+ valuation form
+ signature form
+ visit report, quotation, sales order, and complaint forms
+ any other forms

The app supports all standard features of mobile devices. Here are a few of the endless possibilities:
+ email a copy of the form directly to the customer
+ works at any location, both online and offline
+ sign the form with a digital signature
+ supports Wifi, 3G, 4G and GPRS
+ capture geolocations
+ add photos to the form
+ scan barcodes
+ add subforms
+ specify positions on a map, floor plan, or photo

MoreApp's online Form Builder let you create and manage every form. The collected data will be stored in our secure database. Integrate with your own back office, CRM or ERP system.

More options:
+ white-label; submit your own forms app
+ pre-fill forms; use our platform or integrate with API
+ search and re-use forms
+ send notifications to the app users
+ import and export data with API or Excel (CSV)
+ install plug-ins from the MoreApp Marketplace
+ create your own widget with the widget framework

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