Multifunction Calculator



Multifunction Scientific Calculator

Multi-Scientific calculator, scientific calculator complete with all the functions and possible operations, memory for saving results, financial functions, angular calculation, and more.

More than 300 mathematical functions in a simple, elegant and precise calculator.

Key Features:
√ Fast charge for effective operation
√ Extra large backlit display, large numbers
√ Multiple functions with SHIFT button
√ History calculations
√ Memoirs of results
√ Save and constant variables
√ Better graphics and colors
√ Supported for phones and tablets

Functions including:
* Financial Functions
* Calculation Angle (degrees, radians)
* Integral Calculus
* Scientific Notation
* Fraction calculations
* Combination and permutation
* Statistics (deviation, regression)
* Solving Equations
* Differential and integration
* Calculations / conversions based-n
* Calculations with complex numbers
* Matrix calculations
* Vector Calculations
* 40 scientific constants

Enjoy this calculator where you want, not need internet connection to use it. This free application can contain advertising.

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