My baby borning



The app will help you discover the path and take you by the hand to the birth of your puppy.
Calculates the estimated date of conception, birth, sex, eye color, blood type, the alleged astrological sign, two types of widget countdown.
Discover day after day as your little one is growing inside you, issues, remedies, exams to do in the period, tips and curiosities.
Take note and keep an eye on your weight with the appropriate function, week after week, to reduce the risk of serious problems such as gestational diabetes.
Learn about the most common diseases that will be explained in detail to help you get trouble-free day more beautiful and exciting life of a woman.

In particular you can:

★ New! Calculate your ideal weight and normal recommended during any stage of pregnancy. And now plus you can take note of the weight week after week acquired and compare the values with those recommended thanks to a very useful graph.
★ New section "Mom School" where you can find useful tips not find you unprepared for the arrival of your little one. Learn how to change a diaper, how to prepare the milk, how to behave weaning, etc ..
★ Express your joy to the whole world! Tell all the mothers of comunity of "My baby borning" and "My pregnancy countdown widget" that your baby is born!
★ "tips of the day" with daily tips and curiosities about you, your pregnancy and your baby.
★ application "preparation of the case", which will help you pack your bags and then to be more quiet in the day of birth.
★ utility "chronometer of pregnancy" that during the stage of labor will help you keep an eye on the contractions and most will give you important information about this delicate time of pregnancy.
★ widget with the details of the pregnancy and clinical examinations to be performed and recommended
★ Utility "calculates the color of the eyes" with which you can calculate the probability that your child has brown eyes, blue or green.
★ The "complications and diseases in pregnancy" in the "Journal of the pregnancy."
★ The "newspaper of pregnancy" with the description, week after week, the changes of your body, your baby, practical advice, clinical examinations to do, the values of ßhCG normal for the period
★ Agenda with notifications to not forget important appointments with the doctor, examinations, etc ..
★ Calculates the date of birth
★ Calculate the gestational age
★ Calculates the day of the alleged conception
★ Calculates your ideal weight normal and recommended during any stage of pregnancy
★ Ability to calculate the blood of the unborn
★ The alleged child sex (Chinese calendar)
★ Calculates the alleged zodiac sign of the unborn
★ Automatic meet with the phases of the moon, which according to popular tradition affects the probability of birth

What about the handy widgets to add to the main screen of your smartphone / tablet, with the countdown to the happy event!
To activate them just come into the menu of the phone and place them on the home page of your device.

More ...
The application is improving, other interesting features will be added soon.

*** Warning ***
Remember to uninstall the "trial free" version from your device to avoid confusion between versions!
The app is unwilling to take the place of your doctor, but only help to live this moment more serenely.

Before giving bad grades, contact me at email for problems, advice and tips.
Only then the application will be continued and improved.

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