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The I.C. Sciences My BP Coach App is designed for all lifestyles, ages, and diets. With My BP Coach, you can record your blood pressure and track your progress, improve blood pressure control, share results with your physician and loved ones, set medication reminders, manage a healthy diet, monitor and track your daily activity and weight, and even more when you upgrade to My BP Coach PRO.

Using MY BP Coach, you can:

TRACK: Record and Review lets you track your blood pressure by recording your systolic, diastolic, and pulse readings. By reviewing your blood pressure trends regularly, see how successful you can be at living a healthy life.

ENGAGE: With My Circle, engage your doctor, other caregiver, family member, or close friend. Sharing your blood pressure readings helps you stay on track while helping your doctor see how well you're doing.

ORGANIZE: Keep track of Meds and when to take them. Create a list of all your medications and set reminders to take them with the medication tracker.

LEARN: Short articles give you what you need to know about blood pressure and lifestyle tips. Like what you see? Receive even more lifestyle tips and tricks with our newsletter!

CHARTS & GRAPHS: Share historical data, trends, graphs, and notes directly from My BP Coach. Customizable reports can be printed or sent to your My Circle contacts at any time.

DASHBOARDS: My BP Coach is more than just a mobile application. You can access, manage and engage your blood pressure health on any computer. Visit and sign in using your secure username and password that you create for the mobile app. So why wait? Your personalized dashboard is ready to go!

App Features -- What’s Included For Free:
· Test & Record systolic/diastolic numbers & heart rate any time you like
· Sync BP & Fitness data to My BP Coach with select Bluetooth devices
· Add or edit BP results with slide in controls
· Track your BP with charts & graphs
· Create 3 | 10 | 30 & 60 day graphs with your systolic/diastolic numbers.
· Calculate 3 | 10 | 30 & 60 day averages of your systolic/diastolic numbers.
· Share results with your doctor, family or friends.
· Experience a vast library of education & healthy lifestyle tips
· Receive the MY BP Coach physician-reviewed newsletter
· Manage BP medications, set reminders and add to your calendar
· Access and manage your blood pressure health through your personalized dashboard on any computer.
· Expert physician coaching based on current clinical guidelines.

By using My BP Coach PRO, you also receive:

ENHANCE CHARTS & GRAPHS: Dive deeper with detailed charts to monitor and share historical data.

ACCESS PREMIUM EDUCATION: View videos to learn more about high blood pressure and how to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes to help keep your blood pressure in check.

COUNT CALORIES AND TRACK FOOD: With a database of 10,000 plus food items, track food consumption and monitor calories and other nutritional information.

MANAGE WEIGHT: Monitor and manage your weight through detailed tracking whether you’re maintaining your weight or participating in a weight loss program.

CONNECT TO SELECT BLUETOOTH DEVICES: Automatically upload information from a variety of Bluetooth blood pressure monitors, fitness devices, and scales. Visit to see compatible devices.

PREMIUM SUPPORT WITHIN 24 HOURS: Submit your question or concern and an IC Sciences representative will respond within 24 hours.

So why wait? If you are one of the millions diagnosed with high blood pressure or simply interested in managing yourself to a healthier lifestyle, My BP Coach and My BP Coach PRO are designed specifically for you.

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