My Favourite Places




    With this application you can keep track of places you want to visit. Add the places with position, description and a picture. If you are on site you can take a photo with your mobile.
    It is also possible to import positions for i.e gas stations as GPX files.
    When the application starts the interesting places in the vicinity are displayed on a map and you can get directions to get there.
    The application works even if the GPS is turned off, but the accuracy is better with GPS.
    You can:
    -Show interesting places near you
    -Select tracking of the map (the map moves according to your position and direction)
    -Choose between four map types, normal, satellite, terrain and hybrid.
    -Show places according to your display selection
    -Show traffic situation on the normal map
    -Show the way to the selected place using your favourite navigator app e.g. Google Maps
    -Add the place you are on, using the GPS and add a photo using the camera.
    -Add a remote place getting the position from a map and get a picture from the photo gallery of the phone.
    -Add a description of the place
    -Import places from GPX files. Files with fuel stations etc are available on the Internet
    -Export the data and pictures to a folder on the phone

    Ad free.