My Relationship



MY RELATIONSHIP - Evaluate interpersonal
chemistry and detect negative dynamics.
This app taps into your subconscious, helping to improve your intimate, business, social or family relationships, and even helping to evaluate potential relationships.

After you decide which relationship you wish to check, whether it is someone you already know or someone you are going to meet but don't yet know, enter the details in the box provided.
To start, select any 8 pentagons (5-sided geometric shapes), each of which represents a key dimension of your relationship.
On the next screen, click on each of the
pentagons you selected to receive a detailed description of each dimension.

What do you really think about your
MY RELATIONSHIP tells you what you really think and feel about the relationship being scrutinized, as well as what the other person in the relationship thinks and feels.
You will discover which dimensions of this relationship enhance or disturb your life. You will be able to assess the current psychological stage of the relationship, and you will learn which behavioral patterns to avoid. You may also discover that the disturbance is with the other person, not with you. This gives you valuable information when deciding where you want this relationship to go.

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