My Weight




    My Weight - Official Version! The ultimate weight tracker and weight monitoring application. Calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) and control your weight on a daily basis. 

    See your weight and BMI score over time in your own personalized graph. Saving and monitoring your weight on a daily basis is necessary to control your weight, while consistency is a big secret to losing weight. 

    This app is all about results. We believe that tracking your weight and BMI daily gives you a better perspective on what you are eating, and eventually causes you to eat healthier and maintain your diet and life style

    Download My Weight now and take your first step in the journey for a healthier, balanced and beautiful body. The road is long but it starts here!

    Main features: 
    • BMI calculator - Body Mass Index calculator
    • Weight tracker
    • Personal weight graph
    • Health news from leading sources
    • Get points for doing things that impact your health and body.
    • Gain levels as you progress
    • Premium version coming soon
    • And much much more!

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