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DISCLAIMER: We do not host the content provided in this app, it is available online for free in public domains. This app is just an well organized way to surf and stream MP3 files available online.
*** No.1 App for Streaming Bollywood Music ***
Bollywood songs, more formally known as Hindi film songs, or are songs featured in Bollywood films. These songs are popular all over the world, among all the age groups of children to youth to old people. The language of Bollywood songs mostly saturated with Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and Persian terms and it is common to hear use of English words in songs from modern Hindi movies. Several other Indian languages have also been used including Braj, Bhojpuri and Rajasthani. Occasionally few other Indian languages are used as well. Now days many of the popular domains provide free streaming Bollywood Songs such as songspk etc. Here we are presenting an App which is very useful for Bollywood music lovers which contains Music of mostly all kinds in South Asia. We organised a huge collection of Music, some of such categories are listed below:
- Hindi Songs
- Hindi Movie Songs
- Punjabi Songs
- Punjabi Movie Songs
- Ghazals
- Pop Music
- Sad Songs
- Comedy
- Qawwali
- Gurbani
- Shabad Kirtan
- Bhakti Sangeet
- Urdu Songs
- Tamil Songs
- Pakistani Songs
- Telugu Songs
- Bengali Songs
- Malayalam Songs
- Kannada Songs
- Gujarati Songs
- Marathi Songs
- Rajasthani Songs
- Haryanavi Songs
- Oriya Songs
- Sindhi Songs
- Kashmiri Songs
- Assamese Songs
- Nepali Songs
- Bhojpuri Songs
- Sanskrit Songs
- Arabic Songs
- Dogri Songs
Some of the features are listed below:
- Daily updates to bring you latest releases at very first.
- Categorized view by language, origin and form of the music.
- Search Option with three criteria (Song, Artist and Album) is provided to find your favorite songs.
- Very simple Interface for reducing CPU usage, Memory usage and battery draining.
- Non-Stop streaming of High Quality Bollywood Music.
- Paging system for fast and easy browsing.