Objects Flash Cards



Objects Flash Cards Set
• 29 Objects,
• 8 language (English, German, French, Spanish,Turkish, Korean, Japanese and Chinese),
• Listen and See,
• Play


This set includes visual and auditory materials to communicate with your babies in a right way.

Banga - Intelligence Development sets, is designed for children aged 0-6.
When designing the sets, we consider; to support the pre-school education, the quality of the sets, simple translations of Turkish language to English, German, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and Chinese languages. And it's easy to understand the concepts and games.
On the other hand we created the games for your baby and your baby can play the games alone or with you or with his friends.

Well, what are the benefits to your children?
• Banga - Intelligence Development Kit will give a chance to your children to improve the development of vocabulary,
• Increase of focusing duration,
• The development of communication with you and
• Language and concept development, (English, German, French, Spanish,Turkish, Korean, Japanese and Chinese).
The games in each set will develop your child's perception and communication with you.
Games are real need for children (especially for preschool children) to improve their physical, psychological, social and cognitive development.
Your children will enjoy and learn while playing. We created this set to serve exactly to this purpose.
While the kids are busy with the play, unwittingly continue to learn and improve himself.

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