The lowest international call: save $$$ On your Phone Bill by using OLIVOIP to make free/cheap calls to international and national destination directly from your iPhone.

How to:

1. Simply install OLIVOIP app

2. Go to www.olivoip.com and create your olivoip account.

3. Use your OLIVOIP account to login (your username is your 10 digits Card Number).

4. Select any contact from your contact list, which is accessible in the app, and start your call using OLIVOIP anywhere, anytime.


- Make SIP phone calls on your Android phone
- Make FREE calls to usa, canada, europe landline using your Android phone
- Make cheap calls to any international destination
- Save on calling charges using Wifi, GPRS, EDGE or UMTS
- Select regular contacts from contact list to make a call
- Works all around the globe: anywhere, anytime
- All calls made by OLIVOIP are saved on the phone (recent) with all details like call duration and time.

- OLIVOIP can be used as Calling Card Dialer, simply select a country and an access number and start using OLIVOIP as Calling Card Dialer.

OLIVOIP operates over multiple internet connection options (3G, WiFi, GPRS, UMTS). Install OLIVOIP now and start making free 3G calls and WiFi calls. No need for expensive calling plans anymore! Save money on your international phonecalls to your love one.

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