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Open WiFi Finder - Are you tired of searching for and download apps like "Wifi Hacker" or "WiFi Passwords" and do not work at all? Forget such apps, they never work. Come to the legal side, and stop trying to decode and decrypt the keys or passwords for other people or companies WiFi networks to steal internet connection. In many countries of the world hacking WiFi networks is a criminal offense. And now no longer need it because WiFi Finder can search and find quickly and easily open and free WiFi networks.
About Open WiFi Finder ;
• Scan for Wi-Fi hotspots around you
• Search for public Wi-Fi anywhere in the world
• View Wi-Fi hotspot detail, call location, get directions or share the hotspot
• Filter results by location (cafe, hotel, etc.) or provider type
• Works both online and offline
• Now available for both phones and tablets
Wi-Fi Finder is easy to finding free or paid public Wi-Fi hotspots online or offline perfect for Skype users on the go.

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