Parent-to-Child Autotexts



Does it seem like you spend more time telling your child what not to do than praising your child? Do you worry how your words affect your child? Do you want your child to have confidence and high self-esteem? We are here to help.

Young people often focus on what they do wrong and fail to recognize their progress. Your child looks to you for nurturing and guidance. What better way to help your child feel valued and loved than to give them positive, empowering affirmations? When a child feels valued and loved, they will grow into compassionate, caring adults.

Watch your child's self esteem and happiness increase (and your stress levels decrease!) when you purchase a set of 5 weekly affirmation texts for only $0.99 per month. After your purchase is confirmed, sign up with your name, mobile number, and e-mail (as backup) to begin receiving automated texts. Renew monthly for continued praise and appreciation!

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