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Find Phone helps you to find your phone in case of losing it, forgetting it somewhere or being hidden or normally it happens that if you loose your phone somewhere in rush/crowd, in your room,bags, desk or in car then you can use this app find your phone Just whistle or clap or similar sound then it start Vibrating, Ringing and Flash will on. You can easily reach and locate your phone.
So if you use Find Phone app It will help you to find your phone by ringing and let you know its location and flash light will be on as well and you can know your phone location by just whistling which normally everyone do in their life for some reason and in case if you are not good at whistling you can also clap to know your phone location and with provided feature you can set your desired sound as well. To use this just download it from google play and install this app and it is very easy to use this app, just open this app and set whistle detection setting to on to work this app and else setting it is up to you to set it like if you want change your ring sound you can set it easily as provided user friendly user interface and i hope you will like it and will be very helpful to find your phone in case of losing/forgetting somewhere.

How does Find Phone work :

Start Application

You have to choose sound : ON
You have to choose vibrate : ON
You have to choose Torch/Light/Flash : ON
You can choose ring tone.It has more than 20 ring tone

When lost then

Sound whistle and similar to it.
Clap 3 to 4 Times

It will start ringing
Torch will On
It has more than 20 ring tones.

You can easily locate the phone location. If it does


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