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    Phone Hacker Prank is a fun simulator application simulating process of hacking someone's device. After choosing a phone number from your contact list, it pretends to connect to the target device and then show 'the victims' phone data. The data is shown in binary code (and is pseudo-random). The application is a simulator and does what the description says, nothing more!

    Phone Hacker is a free prank application simulating process of hacking phone devices. Have you ever dreamt about becoming a real hacker? Well, you can keep on dreaming...
    The application allows you to "break" into your victim's phone as easy as you could imagine.
    The program is smart enough to be able to do all the job for you.
    Supported modes:
    - listening (receive data in real time)
    - explore (access to disk data)

    Keep in mind that this application is for educational and fun purposes only. You cannot use it to hack any devices.
    The program is meant to be used for pranks and jokes only.

    By using this app you cofirm that you are aware of the fact that the application is a simulator and does not hack any phones. Any content presented by the application cannot be taken seriously. You may use the application to prank your friends or kill time while having fun.

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